Love and Thought

Life Confucianism as Philosophy

by Huang Yushun

Life itself has long gone unnoticed in Confucian texts since the Qin and Han dynasties, which is similar to the forgetting of Being per se in the Western philosophy after the Axial Period, according to Heidegger. Today, a philosophical mission is to return Life to Confucianism. 

This book aims to restore and reconstruct Confucianism in the perspective of comparison between Confucianism and Husserl's Phenomenology. The author adopts the idea of reduction of its features to the essence of a thing, but returns to life as the essence of Being. The author rejects the idea of post-philosophy, in order to reconstruct the metaphysical and the post-metaphysical gradations of Confucianism. These gradations are made along three strata in the life of human beings, moving from no-being of anything (a life comprehension) through metaphysical thinghood (the absolute Being) to post-metaphysical things (the relative beings). In this way we have a full understanding of the idea of Confucianism.

About the Author

Huang Yushun is professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Confucianism, Shandong University, China. His research areas include Chinese philosophy, especially Confucian philosophy; Chinese-Western comparative philosophy, especially comparative study of Confucianism and Phenomenology; and Chinese ethics and political philosophy.