Manuscript Submission 

Bridge21 is acquiring books in translation and original English-language manuscripts in the social sciences and humanities, focused on anthropology, archaeology, arts/media/film, literary studies, philosophy and religion. Our list includes original English texts and translations from Chinese books published by top academic presses including Peking University Press, Beijing Normal University Press, China Renmin University Press, Sanlian/SDX, Guanxi Normal University Press, China Film Book Press, China Fine Arts Press, and others. We also publish from top scholars working inside, and occasionally outside, Asia. 

We welcome any manuscript for consideration for publication by our press.

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Manuscript Proposals 

Proposals must be less than ten pages and include the aim, an abstract, chapter list, and chapter outline with summaries, length and delivery date of completed work, target audience and markets, and the differences between your work and existing books on the subject. Please also include a curriculum vitae and contact information. Proposals are reviewed only to indicate interest in the complete manuscript. Publication decisions are made only after a review of the complete manuscript. Proposals may be sent via email to with the subject line "Manuscript Proposal Submissions."