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Gregory Kaplan, PhD, Founding CEO and Publisher
Gregory Kaplan is an author, new media publisher and consultant for cultural and creative industries in China who earned this B.A. at Oberlin College (1990), M.A. at the University of Chicago (1992) and Ph.D. at Stanford University (2003). He wrote the book Hallowing Days: Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig on Life Between the Secular and the Sacred (Fordham University Press), co-edited two books and published numerous journal articles and book chapters.  He taught at the University of San Francisco and Stanford University part-time and at Rice University full-time until 2012 — and has received research fellowships and curriculum development grants. His current research interests revolve around higher education, intellectual property, Sino-Judaic studies, film and globalization. He is CEO and Publisher of Bridge21 Publications, LLC, in California and its subsidiary, New Connections Press in Hong Kong – companies helping to incubate and internationalize Chinese cultural-creative innovation.