Editorial Board 

Hu Jun
Professor in Philosophy, Peking University, Beijing China 
Haun Saussy, PhD
University Professor and Professor of Comparative Literature University of Chicago 
Richard J. Smith, PhD
Professor of History Rice University

James A. Kaplan, Chairman

James Kaplan has a long history of launching and building successful businesses in finance, corporate governance and travel . In 1979, he created Capital Management Sciences (CMS), and built it into the world’s largest independent purveyor of duration-based analytics for fixed income portfolio managers. In 1992, he sold CMS to Data Broadcasting Corporation and became Vice Chairman of DBC's Board.  In 1997, he co-founded MarketWatch, the first provider of financial news on the web, now part of the Rupert Murdoch media suite. At the same time, he founded Luxury Link, which remained the leading luxury travel website for over ten years.  Audit Integrity was formed in 2002 to develop a statistical model for evaluating investment risk based on behaviors in corporate governance and accounting. The model was embraced by insurers, regulators and institutional investors to minimize their exposure to undetected risks. In 2010, Audit Integrity and two other firms merged to form the largest independent provider of information on corporate governance and accounting behavior, now part of MSCI ESG Ratings.

Editorial Staff

Matthias Wahls, PhD, Executive Editor
With over twelve years of experience in academic publishing, Dr. Matthias Wahls is an authority on Chinese publishers, particularly scholarly presses actively seeking overseas partners. As publishing consultant, Matthias demonstrates how to establish mutually beneficial working relationships. His article on The Scholarly Publishing Industry in China: Overview and Opportunities was published in Learned Publishing in January 2012. He has traveled frequently to the People's Republic of China, to explore and develop Chinese publishing activities.

Chunyan Shu,  PhD, Senior Editor
Dr. Shu Chunyan has years of experience in intercultural communications, especially international publishing. She was project manager for Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden and Boston), involved in Brill's cooperation with Chinese publishers. Prior to that, she worked on various intercultural projects for Modern East Asia Research Center at Leiden University, Peking University, and Pitzer College (US). Dr. Shu obtained her Doctoral degree from Leiden University (2012), and her Master's degree from the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University, China (2005).

Stephen Hood PhD, Instructional Designer 


Mark Gonnerman, PhD, Co-founder and Managing  Editor

Mark Gonnerman is a professor and chair of the Global Doctoral Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Palo Alto, California, a graduate school for research and teaching at the intersection of psychological and religious studies. In addition to teaching and chairing a program with 20 faculty members and more than 100 students from around the globe, Mark serves as book review editor for the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.  Prior to his 2011 ITP appointment, Mark was Founding Director of the Aurora Forum at Stanford University from 2003-11, a public conversation series featuring guests such as Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Alice Waters, Lewis Lapham, Paul Ehrlich, Amartya Sen, Naomi Klein, and Cornel West. He has traveled and studied widely; spent three years working in peace education in Hiroshima, Japan; was a teaching fellow in Japanese history at Harvard University; and is an occasional lecturer in religious studies as a Lieberman Fellow at Stanford.  B.A., History & Philosophy, St. Olaf College; M.Div., Religion & East Asian Studies, Harvard University; M.A., Ph.D., Religious Studies, Stanford University.

Gregory Kaplan, PhD, Founding CEO and Publisher

Gregory Kaplan is an author, new media publisher and consultant for cultural and creative industries in China who earned this B.A. at Oberlin College (1990), M.A. at the University of Chicago (1992) and Ph.D. at Stanford University (2003). He wrote the book Hallowing Days: Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig on Life Between the Secular and the Sacred (Fordham University Press), co-edited two books and published numerous journal articles and book chapters.  He taught at the University of San Francisco and Stanford University part-time and at Rice University full-time until 2012 — and has received research fellowships and curriculum development grants. His current research interests revolve around higher education, intellectual property, Sino-Judaic studies, film and globalization. He is CEO and Publisher of Bridge21 Publications, LLC, in California and its subsidiary, New Connections Press in Hong Kong – companies helping to incubate and internationalize Chinese cultural-creative innovation.

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