Philosophy and Confucian Tradition

by Chen Lai

As Chinese philosophy absorbs Western influences, it need not deny its own unique sources and methods. Chen Lai argues that the introduction of Western thought to modern China in the past one hundred years will lead to the birth of a new philosophy with typical Chinese cultural features. Although an anti-traditional attitude prevails among younger intellectuals today, Confucianism is by no means dead and gone. Philosophers are reexamining the Confucian classics with a modern critical perspective, reaffirming the ideological value of Confucianism to the spiritual life of contemporary Chinese society. This book analyzes the central issues involved in the Confucian renewal and details the relevance of neo-Confucian and modern philosophers who were influenced by Confucius.

About the Author

Chen Lai is professor and dean of the Institute of Chinese Culture at Tsinghua University. Known as one of the masters in philosophy in China, he has published widely in the fields of Chinese philosophy and history of philosophy.

Translated by Qiuhai Wang.